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Sweet Manufacturing, Inc.


Sweet Manufacturing was incorporated in 1978 with the basic concept of providing racers with steering products that would offer a competitive advantage. All of our products have been designed and built using the experience and knowledge gained from Randy Sweet’s 50 years of racing competition, plus continuous input from the nation’s top drivers, engineers, and chassis builders.

Randy Sweet's background and desire to win is what helps Sweet Manufacturing produce parts that are developed by experience and proven by performance.




Sweet Manufacturing, Inc. ~ 3421 South Burdick Street ~ Kalamazoo, Mi 49001


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*  Power Steering/Fuel Pump

*  Pump Weighs just 5lbs. 2oz.

*  RH SBC Head Mount

*  Dual Adjustable Regulator

*  Complete Kit Part No. 306-85890



Improvements to Sweet Mfg

A new security gate that rivals that of Fort Knox to keep our secrets and yours confidential!



The begining stages of the countries finest fabrication facility.



The King himself moving dirt. 




A Guest House that features a Test Race Track and a Fully Stocked Fishing Pond!

What more could  a racer ask for?