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Steering Parts

Sweet manufactures all the essential steering components for your racing needs. Tight specifications for the demanding race environment that will maximize your driving ability. 

  • Black and Chrome Universal Joints - Single and double joint
  • Quick Releases
  • NASCAR and Sportsman Steering Boxes
  • Adjustable Steering Columns

Take for example our Steering boxes. Whether it's for your NASCAR needs or the Sportsman requirements on a budget, we can help. All 600 Series NASCAR steering boxes are offered in (6) ratios from 8:1 (fast) to 17.5:1 (slow) and (8) different valves from .185 (xx-light) to .275 (heavy). Quality is assured by our extensive testing on our own in-house steering box dyno. All boxes are centered and stamped with the exact degree of the pitman shaft which allow the sterring box to run on the center toot, eliminating tight spots in travel.

For our Sportman on a budget, we offer the 600 Sportsman box. This features remanufactured inner workings components with a new 4-bolt housing. 

We have a great line for Adjustable Steering Columns which are required on all Nascar series chassis. They ar enot only a safety feature, but an excellent way to eliminate flex and binds in your steering shaft. They are offered in steel for NASCAR competitors and aluminum for weight conscious short track racers.